Major Glitch online - anyone else getting this?

#1Sage_Of_LintPosted 11/7/2012 9:14:12 PM(edited)

Alright, so my homie and I are playing some tag team/fatal 4-way/1v1/etc matches online. I don't know if we have a shoddy connection, or what the situation is, but here is the problem that we are encountering:

After a while in our online matches, AI takes control of our opponents unannounced. For several minutes we continue playing the matches talking to one another through our headsets, not knowing that our matches are entirely desynced. Only when something dramatic happens do we encounter the bizarre moment where it's like: "Wait... you just slammed me through a table? No dude. You didn't. I am on the entry ramp right now..." moments.

It's almost as if we are losing connection and THQ is trying to pull the wool over our eyes. At one point I even won a match against him and he played on on his XBox, eventually beating me. Same exact match. Mine was listed as a "Win" for me, and his was listed as a "Win" for him. WTF!?!
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#2OrgeLambartPosted 11/7/2012 9:29:12 PM
yeah I know what you mean, the worst part is when you figure it out and win the match being forced to sit there for another 10 minutes or so until the other guy figures it out.