Is Mark Henry really the strongest man in the world?

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He's not the absolute strongest but very few people can over power him.
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Regardless, he is by far one of the most strongest people in the world. I think the 2nd Strongest wrestler in the WWE (even though he is inactive) is Brock Lesnar. Brock could F5 anyone or pickup anyone.

Brock may of lost some of his bulk (Steroids?) but he still can lift.
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I thought Brock lost a lot of his bulk because when he couldn't eat because of his diverticulitis?
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ldyal09 posted...
I thought Brock lost a lot of his bulk because when he couldn't eat because of his diverticulitis?

This. Well, kind of.

Brock leaned up when he went to UFC. He had to drop to from 297lbs to 265lbs.

Most fighters can drop 30 pounds and put it back on quickly (due to the amount of water in the body), but Brock really wanted to lean out for cardio sake, so he trained to keep it off.

Since his bout with diverticulitis, he's had to change his diet dramatically. Which is why you get a 265lb Lesnar, that is not quite as ripped as he was in UFC or previously from WWE.
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shinstochins posted...
OrgeLambart posted...
I wouldn't go that far, it's more or else just WWE using the fact he was in a strongest man competition to their own benefit, most people who watch aren't smart enough to do any research on the subject at all and just take WWE at their word.

so are you trying to tell me undertaker is not really dead?

He can shoot lightning bolts too!
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It SHOULD still be real to you damnit for some of you who said that. Maybe you need to reread the Glover33448's post since the WWE calls him the World's Strongest Man because he's broken records and competed in the Olympics for weightlifting.

=From what I've read=
Brock's best recorded stats:
Deadlift - 720lbs
Squat - 695lbs
Bench Press - 475lbs

Mark Henry's best recorded stats:
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enterthemadrox posted...
I always wondered cause sure, he set records and is a total beast of a guy strength wise but I've always watched World's Strongest Man on tv since the early 90s (and the competition's been going since the 70s) but Mark's never been on that.

Be cool to see him and multi-time World's Strongest Man winner Mariusz Pudzianowski (5 time winner) go at it in competition.

Pretty sure WSM doesn't test for steroids. Henry's big thing is being drug free.
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MilkinNipple posted...
He doesn't look THAT strong...

but still a thousand times stronger than you.
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'but still a thousand times stronger than you.'

Uh...yeah, obviously.
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