Jeff friggin hardy is not the only wrestler in the god damned world.

#21Xeno14Posted 11/16/2012 4:31:27 PM
my caw's would be less generic if there was a better system for body types. i wanted to create a bastion booger type guy similar look to this
but it it doesn't look right (also the whole weight thing is really off because it looks like he should be mid 400's, not 345 lbs). it would be nice if they brought back the stance option when creating a character so they all don't stand the same.

or i wanted to create Og gorilla emperor of earth(along with ridiculous moves for a human like repeated back breaker/stomach crusher and powerbombs), but you are limited when choosing the gorilla suit so that you can't add anything else.
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the tc's rage is glorious. GLORIOUS
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Jeff Hardy > TC
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