THQ removed ALL community creations over the past 9 days???

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4 years ago#11
2 days ago I uploaded the classic NES Pro Wrestling ring.
Last night it was gone.
Reuploaded last night, we'll see if it is still there when I get home
4 years ago#12
oh I thought they were deleting stuff that wasn't rated or downloaded for everything I have ever put up besides my Jira Kainsmen has been deleted. I thought since nothing else was rated they decided not worth keeping on their servers.
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4 years ago#13
its not ratings or downloads. the first upload of my ring had both before it was deleted
4 years ago#14
BirthOfDeoxys17 posted...
What's really sad is I was comfortable knowing that they were backed-up online in case my game deletes them (which it does frequently) and now, of course, that comfort is long gone.

THQ deserves to go out of business.

Do you have a flash drive? That's what I use to back up my important game data. Always nice to have peace of mind.
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4 years ago#15
And they are all deleted again
4 years ago#16
I"m keeping wwe 13 cause I think it is a good game. Wasn't worth 60 bucks. Wwe 13 was it tho i'm never buying another video game from them. If i do I'll wait till it's like 20 bucks. Never again...
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4 years ago#17
Well lookit it this way. We weill probably get another free DLC this year thats ununnounced like last year when they got down supposidly fxing server issues the gave us
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4 years ago#18
In the words of Chael Sonnen, the greatest american alive, "They absolutely suck"
4 years ago#19
XBL content disappears and then shows up at a later time, all the time. It's caused by the THQ Syndrome. This is the syndrome where you have to remove things all the time, and then put them back, and then call them "NEW".

But yeah, don't worry, the stuff will show up later, it always does that. The content isn't actually deleted.
4 years ago#20
I have a feeling the problems are related to them gearing up for the DLC pack that's about to come out. The timing seems pretty right. Some kind of programming glitch or something
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  3. THQ removed ALL community creations over the past 9 days???

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