Holy sh**t!! Break the ring with an OMG Move (single player)

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2 years ago#1
i was brock lesnar and my opponent was big show - i got the 3 finishers to get the omg moment and brock ends up super plexing big show out of the ring. that seems to be the omg moment for everyone what did i do wrong?
2 years ago#2
Only super heavyweights can do it, so, stupidly, Brock Lesnar can't do it to Big Show.
However, Great Khali can do it to Rey Mysterio.
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2 years ago#3
so on tv brock can do it to big show and the ring breaks but on the game u can't do it who am i suppose to pick then?
2 years ago#4
Big Show and Mark Henry. Because they re-did the spot recently and we all know that recent history is all that matters in the WWE. No one remembers that far back.
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2 years ago#5
lol they didn't remember until Brock Lesnar's DVD came out...now i'm sure a lot of newer fans are aware.
2 years ago#6
I did it with Brodus Clay and Rikishi
2 years ago#7
i couldnt do it with mark henry. it still always does the outside superplex
you know it, woo woo woo
2 years ago#8
The superheavyweight needs to be the one doing the move not on the recieving end, which is stupid
2 years ago#9
I did it by having my Super Heavyweight CAW 'Blackie V' superplexing Big Show. It was AWESOME! :-D
2 years ago#10
It's awesome
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  3. Holy sh**t!! Break the ring with an OMG Move (single player)

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