WWE 13 XBL League (Real Wrestlers, Fair players, 40+ active superstars)

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Hello community of WWE 13,

Do you enjoy WWE 13 but hate the cheap players online?
Enjoy roleplaying and creating stories?
Enjoy using real wrestlers?

You'll love my WWE 13 Federation that is called "WWF" and ran just like it was in 1998.

(AGES 16+)

What is a FED?
An e-fed is an organized tournament like forum where you participate in weekly matches created by a general manager. You compete in these matches, earn points and get set up for feuds and title shots. This is basically in a nut shell WWE Universe mode but done with real players.

We require players to be mature and be at least of 16 or over. We've had a recent influx of members joining who are incapable of writing full paragraphs. Please remember you are going to be writing weekly promos, and if you have the grammar of grade 6, we don't want you in, im sorry.

If you feel you can write a respectable promo once every 2 weeks or more, and keep up with a fast paced weekly environment of constant fun and feuds, then please take the time to register and check out our forum! we have promos come up daily and anticipate for more and more superstars to join in the fun.




We also have a brand new YOUTUBE channel where we host and record our scheduled matches for all to see!

have a look at it: http://www.youtube.com/user/Andrew5010

Players have taken notice to our unique SUPERSTAR POINTS feature that is similar to the video game: SD! HERE COMES THE PAIN for PS2. For every promo you can earn up to 5SP, and for every match you earn an appropriate amount of SP depending on the match. You may cash these points in for title shots, managers, Run ins, Hall Of Fame rank, Match changes, and many many more prizes to be aquired!

We have just gone through a player pruning process so plenty of WWE superstars and legends are available for choosing!
We have a strict REAL WRESTLER rule implimented where you may only use Wrestlers/CAWs that have appeared on real live wrestling TV (WWE,WWF,TNA,WCW,ECW,ROH,etc)
Players stats will be set accordingly and you will be placed into a mix of players that are ready to compete and have fun if you are too!
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Just bumping this up for today :) no harm meant from this.
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Two new members from GameFAQs joined yesterday! If you think we don't have an active community just last week we had 35 seperate promos posted by our members... that's nearly unheard of! we're having such a solid week and our next PPV In Your House is coming up on the 16th!