This year's addition is so ADDICTING.

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I haven't hit any of my specialization classes in Halo 4 because of this game...

Been at level 45 for a week now lawlz...

When did Halo become an RPG?
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Yep ai"s been great in my game since day 1
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MikeH7186, it's like you ripped my brain out of my head mortal kombat style, read my thoughts and posted them here. Universe has been so bad for me that I wish for the old story modes where we at least had a choices on which path to take. I changed the attire of one of my caws and it somehow reset his moveset.

And I've changed sliders, raised the difficulty and it's the same thing from the a.i.: spam some running ddts, do some random limb target moves, reversal, 1 count, then either tear apart the announcer table or if we're both outside the ring go for an omg move.

If it wasn't for that giant turd Madden 13, this would be the most disappointing game that I've played this year, and that's saying a lot...I really hate that game lol.
Madden 13...sigh I am disappointment.
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TheFeralWarrior posted...
He doesn't wanna be picked. You gotta pick Piper.

Well played sir....Well played....
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DarkDevin posted...
TheFeralWarrior posted...
He doesn't wanna be picked. You gotta pick Piper.

Well played sir....Well played....

Lol I get it now. The hilarious thing was the first game he was begging not to be picked and the second game he was begging to be picked.
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comp kicks out all the time on tougher difficulties. it's not a game copy issue. it's a programming issue.
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BabaBzaa posted...
Not only with the way the A.I. actually does awesome things(albeit perhaps a little overbearing with it), the little nuances such as interfering AI actually doing intelligent things, and more/improved cutscenes, I haven't been able to set aside much time to do anything outside of playing this game when I'm not at work. If they fix the two count glitch, I don't know how I'm going to break from this to play other games.

BTW my Universe is yielding a lot of cutscenes. On Raw and Smackdown I can only change one or two matches because the rest are feuds(if it's a one on one normal match with the interference option not available it's a feud match)

I agree with you 100% TC.
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