Porting WWE '12 DLC over to WWE '13 as a peace offering because there's no patch

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No...just no. I literally despise that woman's on-air persona. And not in the "fan heat" sort of way. Every word that comes out of her mouth annoys me to the point that I have to change the channel whenever she speaks. And if I'm that way, I doubt I'm the only one. Why do they keep putting her in major roles in the company? GM (sorta) of all things? It's just terrible. Vickie can't do heel very well... it just comes off more irritating than villainous.

No one gets louder boo's than Vickie. Maybe that has something to do with it.
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Foley or Macho Man.
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Because Basketballs have grudges.
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Jerry Lawler. it would be a great tribute to him considering how he almost died at the announce table recently. We would also be able to recreate a few feuds he had during the attitude era, like with Bret Hart.
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Batista or Randy Savage.

The rest are pretty much already on '13. King and Cole are commentators not wrestlers.
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Maryse, and Michelle McCool. I would definitely buy the game then: or Vickie just because.
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I Believe in Chris Jericho
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Batista, if they make him bigger. he was dwarfed by Heath Slater in WWE 12.
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Randy "Macho Man" Savage, so he can, once again, feud with Diamond Dallas Page!
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Yeah... they don't need to give us anything.