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4 years ago#1
if i delete my wwe 13 pack 1 date on my hard drive will it delete my whole game or just the dlc
4 years ago#2
someone answer
4 years ago#3
WWEBretHart2012 posted...

The man, the myth, and soon to be breakfast cereal, BOWLING PETE!!!
4 years ago#4
i mean if i delete pack 1 on my hdd will it delete my ae unlockables or will it just delete the dlc
4 years ago#5
What a stupid question.
Consoles are already irrelevant. Just cause the next console hasnt been released doesn't mean the console isnt irrelevant-ChromaticAngel (AND HE'S SERIOUS LOL)
4 years ago#6
it will delete all
4 years ago#7
It'll crash your HDD, red ring your 360, and make your TV explode.
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