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4 years ago#121
BillyKidd posted...
JLW2 according to sales as of 12-29-12 Xbox sold 880,765 and ps3 sold 845,699

OK Cool my bad. Thought I read somewhere that the PS3 version sold more worldwide this year. Guess I was wrong.
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4 years ago#122
BillyKidd posted...
yea, are they reliable?

People tend to respond to VGChartz numbers with "lol VGChartz". But that's usually before any sales figures are made public.
4 years ago#123
Were also gettin the Austin stuff from the THQ edition....its 99 cents on ps3....neeeato
4 years ago#124
DLC is out now!!!!!!!!!

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4 years ago#125
Finally the DLC has come back to my xbox 360!!
4 years ago#126
Anybody having trouble downloading the DLC? I just tried to DL Cesaro first and thedownload gets to 99%, freezes for a second, jumps back to 97% and then freezes when it gets back to 99%. It keeps doing this.

Edit: took a good five minutes of sitting at 99%. But it finally went through.
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4 years ago#127
WWE 13 DLC 3 clips on WWE Fan Nation
4 years ago#128
Layla Entrance and AJ fight here!
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