One thing I would like 2K Sports to implement..

#1GQVikesFanPosted 1/24/2013 4:21:31 PM
in the new WWE game is the VIP system. Imagine downloading your friend's VIP profile so you can play against his computer counterpart when he is not available physically to play. This would be sweet IMO. For those who do not know how the VIP system worked, below is how IGN describes it in their ESPN NFL 2k5 review..

"Probably the coolest innovation ESPN NFL 2K5 has to offer is the VIP system. Here's how it works. As you play with a given profile, the computer keeps track of the exact way you play: how often and where you run, what defender you select before the snap, where you tend to move your players to, the packages you use, and so on. Once the CPU has profiled you, your VIP can be used by others to practice playing against you. It's an ingenious system, and it really works. After playing against Hilary in the office, I played his ghosty in VIP, and it was uncanny how similarly the two approached the game. What's cool about it is that often it's more difficult to beat your buddies than it is to trash the computer AI. In this way, VIP actually makes the game's AI more complex and diverse, something no other game on the market can boast".