[YouTube] NLRCW Lunar Madness 02-08-13 w-BONUS!

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User Info: Mordenheim

4 years ago#1
Clousdsdale Championship, Elimination Chamber Match!!

Dream Baker, Time Turner, Apple Cider, King Sombra, Zecora, and Shadowbolt Descent all compete in a BRUTAL Elimination chamber match to be crowned NLRCW's first Cloudsdale Champion!


NLRCW Lunar Madness 02-08-13

Tonight's Card:

Zecora Vs. Presto
Dream Baker vs. Moondust
Quilltastic vs. Jinjo Bytes vs. Time Turner
Rarity and Rainbow Dash vs. Anaponies Alicorn and Pegasus

Finally, in the Main Event:

NLRCW Champion Ditzy-Doo vs. Laura the Zony


Thank you for watching and please, remember to like/fave/subscribe, and most importantly, share it with your friends!
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