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Man, I hope the DLC still comes out (Archived)
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Can you record matches and upload them onto your computer or Youtube channel? (Archived)XLegendKillerX211/21/2012
Belts in WWE Universe (Archived)SoleGunlinger311/21/2012
On paper this is a better game than 12 (Archived)casedawgz511/21/2012
Superstar introductions... (Archived)Hbkno1fan511/21/2012
Couple Questions about the Game (Archived)Labballin08411/21/2012
DLC of Ryback, Tensai, etc. will be available the first week of December (Archived)Saxon311/21/2012
Stupid Topic That Will Waste Your Time (Archived)CollCrofter411/21/2012
i cant find a move.... (Archived)Wolf_J_Flywheel511/21/2012
WCOW League! (Archived)OhkayDohkay123511/21/2012
XWL League! (Archived)OhkayDohkay123311/21/2012
I think the DLC entrances aree about to go up (Archived)
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Cant upload my caw. Help please (Archived)MST3Krankor511/21/2012
Finisher's Disapearing. (Archived)maliktundoh611/21/2012
Post Match replays not working for me? (Archived)EVPerson123611/21/2012
is something wrong with Created Finishers in this game? (Archived)
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If anyone is having issues with crowd drowning out everything.. (Archived)ChronoAce911/21/2012
The AI is really messed up in extreme rules matches (Archived)casedawgz711/21/2012
Kane's Predator Mask (Archived)ry1116611/21/2012
some questions about king of the ring and other stuff... (Archived)terminatorx2013611/21/2012
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