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Era Mode Problem... (Archived)Ryo1974696969311/15/2012
Can anybody tell me...... (Archived)ShaneD1996211/15/2012
brands in universe mode ? (Archived)magiceddie05511/15/2012
Breaking the ring ( with supeplex) online??? (Archived)SirByedato511/15/2012
Loading screens (Archived)cls1983211/15/2012
Attitude Era video reusing music from Headhunter Redemption? (Archived)RollingSkull211/15/2012
All this "THQ" Drama (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
That's pretty cool for guest referee (Archived)TypeONegative90211/15/2012
I hope that they eventually add singlets with colored borders.... (Archived)Sipher360211/15/2012
So I thought you shouldn't edit Universe matches? (Archived)zenandi411/15/2012
Create a tag team finisher (Archived)Glover33448211/15/2012
Copying CAW formulas from 12 to 13... conversion chart request? (Archived)rikkulu211/15/2012
My Kinnikuman/King Muscle CAW is up. (Archived)BossaVudu211/15/2012
Just noticed that some trans have crowd participation. (Archived)Dart_Feld7211/15/2012
Yes or No?? (Archived)CollCrofter211/15/2012
Who Should Be My Next World Heavyweight Champion (Archived)AWatkins1701801011/14/2012
Three matches into online...my experience... (Archived)Cyre_Knight311/14/2012
More on THQ's impending demise (Archived)
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My WWF Attitude Universe....... (Archived)
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What is the quickest/best way to sim matches. (Archived)pinky211/14/2012
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