4* for sale

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4 years ago#1
3 SS

Hecatoncheir - Intelligent, Chaotic, Brave
Pazuzu - Brave, Sexy,
Kraken - Brave, Powerful, Chaotic, Sexy, Fast, Intelligent
Jormungandr - Powerful, Intelligent, Fast,
Ramiel - Fast

4 SS

Vampire - Sexy,Intelligent, Fast, Brave
Angel - Intelligent, Powerful

IGN Postmann88
4 years ago#2
hi will take a fast vamp for 4 ss, teamname : Peachpie
4 years ago#3
my darn trade is locked out at the moment. Why dont you try send the trade to me?
4 years ago#4
trade sent
4 years ago#5
Trade accepted on my end. Must be some delay.
4 years ago#6
all set, thanks!
4 years ago#7
Buy 2 cost you 1 less SS.

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