Selling 4* cards~

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4 years ago#1
I'm selling these cards for 3ss each.
Buy 2 for 5ss.

Cerebus Cool - 3ss
Hecatoncheir Fast - 3ss
Hecatoncheir Fast - 3ss
Angel Fast - 3ss
Vamp Powerful - 3ss

IGN - Jinrai
4 years ago#2
4 years ago#3
I'll take the vamp and the cerberus, IGN: Maximumboss
4 years ago#4
Maximumboss - player not found.
4 years ago#5
That's strange, let me try adding you to friends maybe? I got a "Trade Cancelled" from you.
4 years ago#6
Oh my bad, my IGN is Kyma, Maximumboss is my rage of bahamut name ><
4 years ago#7
Kyma is ur IGN?
4 years ago#8
4 years ago#9
Trade sent.

Cerebus and Vamp sold.
4 years ago#10
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