How has your luck been hunting Gilgamesh?

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3 years ago#1
I'm currently on my 6th giant to kill
So far I've gotten:

Pow Dwarf Gear
Int Bugbear
Cool Bugbear
Chaotic Bune
Int Balor

Knowing my luck if I ever get a gilgamesh it will probably be a bad type.
IGN: Tenabrus
PSN: Jet_Cobra
3 years ago#2
Balor, balor and dwarf gear.....
Gave up and traded for
IGN & JP IGN : 4ucifer
Kik : 4ucifer
3 years ago#3
Wow, your page is almost complete. Good luck!
Things are going slow with mine, Ace Bugbear then Cool Dwarf Gear.
I'm still on my 3rd one, already took around 10 or so nhts since I last shot him.
Any type of gilg is alright with me, a 5* is a 5*. :P
No when. No want. No worries.
GC IGN: Raito
3 years ago#4
8 Giants = 2 x Gilgamesh, not bad :)
3 years ago#5
Dwarf Gear

Tell me do you think I am lucky?
3 years ago#6
Powerful Bugbear
Cool Gilgamesh
3rd one is a work in progress

Felt so lucky to get my first 5* in spite of the type.
3 years ago#7
dwarf gear
dwarf gear

guess I'm not 1 of the lucky few lol
3 years ago#8
after about 1 week of around 30 over hunts
..... Sexy Dwarf Gear!!!

The giant's appearance this time was so low that I actually held up my hopes.
And this happens .... (T-T)
3 years ago#9
1. Chaotic Gilgamesh
2. Fast Bugbear
3. INT Dwarf Gear
4. Fast Balor
5. Fast Balor
6. INT Bugbear

And I'm like 10% away from a 7th...but he hasn't shown up in 9+ hunts, the jerk. I'd like a Bune just to complete the page.
Guardian Cross IGN: *Polaris*
3 years ago#10
I've done pretty well, an Int and Cool Gilg, an Ace of each 4* except Bugbear and the rest ok/crap out of a about 10 kills... I stopped trying after the Cool Gilgamesh since the new gaurdians showed up and I've been hunting the snows with crosses fingers
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