Quittin' da Game GIVEAWAY (Riddle Me This)...

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3 years ago#1
So, gotta quit the game while I'm ahead. In short, real life is just too short and I'm at a point where I'm investing way too much time into this game, and it's beginning to lose interest. So to really encourage my quitting and destroy the temptation to get back into this game...you got it, I'm giving away all my cards to...wait for it...ONE LUCKY PLAYER (or smart one).

Which is good for anyone and everyone, newbies and not-so-newbies looking to pair up for rebirth. Now let me say, all of these cards are legit, as are their stones. All earned honestly through many days of playing. I will only take the liberty of listing out my 5*'s, but the winner will get all 5* and 4*. All are level 60 and moderately-heavily stoned, unless mentioned otherwise. They are also Coli-locked at the moment. So the transaction must take place after Valentine Coliseum. I don't care to list the skills set as that will take too much time. If you're interested, apply. Here goes:

Ace Levi (best type)
Ace Lightning Lord (best type)
Fast Raijin (good type)
Fast Juggernaut (worst type)
Intelligent Valkyrie (good type)
Intelligent Chariot (bad type)
Sexy Phoenix (okay type)
Sexy Vampire Matron (Lv50)
Sexy Sphinx Empress (okay type)
Chaotic Great PC Titan (great type)
Brave Mict (bad type..but still one shot kills many 4's)

Plus any 4*s and stones I have. (Have quite a few Ace 4*s actually). If you wanna figure out how to win these cards, keep your eyes peeled in the next few days....because I'm gonna take you back to the OLD SKOOL!
IGN: Kaminote
3 years ago#2
Don't think I've ever made any deals with you, but congrats to you on getting out my friend! Run away, run far, run fast.
IGN: Vorensberg Level 125 KiK:Vorensberg43
3 years ago#3
Ok i will i want that Raijin nothing else really lol

And Goodluck (in Valentine Coli i mean)
IGN - Bombypupe
3 years ago#4
Oh man, one person? That's quite the haul.

That's pretty cool of you to be having one last hurrah this way.
Guardian Cross IGN: *Polaris*
3 years ago#5
If anything, the mass trade of 5*s to my account might get me banned and then I'll finally be free...... FREE!!!!!! AH HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!
IGN: Vorensberg Level 125 KiK:Vorensberg43
3 years ago#6
Kik: poyDcoy ~a GC VeteraNoob~
3 years ago#7
yea this game is time consuming lol thats would be nice to get those cards tho hope i win
3 years ago#8
Thought of that, so I'll split the delivery. That way, hopefully shouldn't get banned.
IGN: Kaminote
3 years ago#9
Im definitely signing up to this!! so keen!
PSN ID: R4Z0rB1Ade755 -- Guardian Cross IGN: Xcall1bur! -- KiK: xcall1bur
3 years ago#10
;) Sounds fun.
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