Strategy against Gigantaur?

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4 years ago#1
This superboss is giving me headache. At level 5, each time it uses knockdown it means game over to me unless it misses on one or two members, which it finishes with another knockdown. It's a move that does upward of 5000 damage, usually 8000-9000, and it's not uncommon to see a whooping 9999 damage. It's on top of its 'normal' attack 10,000 needles, which is tough but manageable if that's all it uses. I have won once at this level (when it didn't use knockdown) so far and lost like 7-8 times. I've tried defensive spells, which didn't work. I used boost jump, but got caught as well. The thing is I need another 18 Moogle coins to enable master class for all jobs. But it's more tedious than getting tails. Any advice how to fight it? Much appreciated.
4 years ago#2
level 5?!
Welcome! If you're going to be traveling in these parts, I'd
recommend a Flame Shield.
4 years ago#3
The fight is actually pretty easy, but it is a different type of fight than the other two bosses. Don't waste time with shell, protect, regen, etc. Swap out ribbons for accessories that will help deal damage - Hermes sandals if you have em. It was an annoying fight at first, but once you get the hang of it the Moogle coins come very fast.

Just build a group that dishes as much damage as possible while having enough healing to stay alive. The fight is basically a race to kill him before he starts using Knockdown. 4 damage dealers using your best stuff - final heaven, phantom rush, dual-cast meteor. Haste and attack buffs should be kept up as well if you aren't killing him fast enough.
4 years ago#4
I have been using final heaven, which isn't strong enough I think since damage is capped at 9999, phantom rush, which does good damage especially paired with swords strong against plants, and double cast flare or ultimate for awhile. Hastega too. Recently won 2 more level 5 matches and now the superboss is upgraded looking angrier. It doesnt even bother to 'grow' at the beginning of the match; the huge mob now rises from down under. The knockdown is now dished out earlier too. Fun.
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