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4 years ago#1
i got the game download it now it says there is a update but cant update and wont let me play what gives. Anyone else having this trouble.
4 years ago#2
I'm having the same issue...
4 years ago#3
Did the same for me i accepted it and it messed up second time i pressed b and ive been playing since
I like games
4 years ago#4
They said this on twitter "If you're playing on Xbox, decline any update XBL offers you for the time being! You'll be able to play just fine, and it'll be fixed soon."
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4 years ago#5
Good to know. what thinking about buying this.

Any good ? Does it get boring quick ?

Enough good guardians ?
4 years ago#6
Just to help out, on the matchmaking, it may be best to switch over to "Gold". Go to settings, then look at the bottom. Lets you play with the trial members, and anyone that has issues with the new patch.

I think with all of the upgrades you can get outside of the game, as well as the constant upgrades inside, it will have plenty of replayability.

Good guardians on personal experience: Agandaur, Lugbol, Gandalf, Galadriel, Ewoyn, Sauron, and Ugluk. The others I haven't got a good indication of the capabilities. As far as I can tell, provided you can get a good mix of roles, you can't go wrong.
4 years ago#7
Oddly enough I was never prompted for an update.
4 years ago#8
Updates are done through the cloud, to sort of "bypass" the $40,000 update fee. However, should there arise the need to patch serious data, with great demand, they'll update the old way.
4 years ago#9
CammyApple posted...
Oddly enough I was never prompted for an update.

same here. lucky I read NOT to download it though prior just in case.

Games is good so far.

I'd give it 8.4/10

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