new to GoME.*vetran*Dota/HoN.looking for tips Agandaur & GG plp2 play w/ME

#1DoZerOnERPosted 1/2/2013 2:27:14 AM
Hello everyone I've been on this site many many times through the years but just now decided to register. But anyways I am looking for helpful tips on my loadout for agandaur. I tear people to shreds with this character so I dont need basic tips but I want to hear some other GOOD players feedback on different set ups with agan.

I am also looki g for good or novice people to play with me since my team always sucks and I would be more than inyerested in joing a guild or clan if there out there in middle earth yet.
i may be extremely new to GoME but ive ben playing these type of games for years so i got the hang of it real quick. Lets play some matches everyone! But please dont forgot to leave me some of your feed back on different loadouts you guys have tried please and thank you!!

My gamertag is: DeadOnArrival247
(PS3) shoot me a message on here if yo u'd like im always on.
Im in pasific western time I think? Idk Im in CA. Hit me up any time of day or night im normally always on.

---playing as of now. GoME. Blk ops2 multi/zombies .Borderlands2 .CS:Go. Dead island.

!!!##-sorry for all the jibber jabber! Just wanted to get everything I wanted to say off in one topic. HAPPY GAMING EVERYONE!!!!
#2OrgeLambartPosted 1/7/2013 8:46:24 AM
wrong board if you are on the ps3,