Couple questions, and looking for some nice people to group up with. :)

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I recently bought this game, and its my first MOBA. I feel like I'm getting the hang of things, though I probably am still missing the finer points of MOBA's. Advanced strategies, techniques, ect, and I had a few questions.

1. I see people say, "I play top lane." Or middle lane. Whichever. My question is what makes the lanes different? From what I can tell, the towers are arranged the same way. The only difference I can think of is how the jungle (still learning my MOBA terminology as well) is arranged. Maybe you can get flanked easier in middle lane than, the top, or vice versa, or something. But I didn't think it would make enough difference that it would make you exclusively play one lane over the other.

2. When it comes to gems, do you guys always buy the Mithril ones? Silver is obviously affordable, and so is Gold, but do you think a Mithril gem is worth 5,000? I mean you go from 200, to 1,000, to 5,000. The increase in cost is huge, for the same increase in stats as you get from Silver to Gold. Just wondering if it's worth my money.

3. How does using the brush for stealth work? When can the enemy see me? If I attack? If they enter the same brush?

4. Any other tips or strategies would be appreciated. I'm currently playing with Hildifons and Legolas.

My Hildifons build:

Grey Company Relic-4 Slot- Each Enemy you Kill gives +13 Ability Power and +13 Max Health. Stacks up to 15 times. You lose 5 stacks on death.
Gems Slotted- 2 Sapphire +Life Steals, 2 Emerald +Health Regeneration

Blue Mountains Relic-3 Slot- Using an Ability gives you +0.5% Ability Cooldown Reduction, up to a max of 20%.
Gems Slotted- 2 Sapphire +Life Steals, 1 Amethyst Ability Cooldown Reduction.

After reaching level 8, you start building Ability Power and Max health, ending up with a total bonus of 195 to both, after a while. Now I'm not familiar enough with the game to know if these are significant boosts or not, but they seem to help.
After reaching level 14, the second relic kicks in, and you start have a reduced cooldown with every Ability you cast. Hildifons has relatively short cooldowns as it is, so they just start spamming faster and faster. With a Mithril Cooldown Reduction gem slotted here, you end up with the capped out 25% Cooldown Reduction bonus, after you've played long enough.

Any other suggestions? Should I buy and switch to Haldir? Keep seeing people say that a lot it seems :P

5. Why did they change the appearance of some of the characters from what they are in the films? Sauron and Witch-king namely :P Non-serious question, just thought it was weird. I liked their film looks.

Lastly, I was looking for some people to play with. Like I said I'm still fairly new, but I'm starting to get the hang of things, and it would be nice to have some people to regularly play with. I would rather play with people who are really nice, than people who are really good lol. Not trying to be rude, just saying. I've come across some people on here have no problem cussing a dude out when they messed up. Anyway, my GT is Trav The Mav (with spaces) I've sent a few friends requests to people who put their GT's up on the boards here.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you in game!
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#2El_WrayZeroPosted 1/3/2013 3:37:09 AM
I will try to answer some of these questions.

1. This is a matter of preference based on the team guardian line up. For the most part you will see a solo lane and the other lanes with two guardians. I see more ganks in the mid lane because that is normally a solo lane, but I have been solo top with Gothmog for a while and I can see the ganks easier than mid lane because of the brush placement. It does help to use sonar, which reveals enemies in the bush.

2. I think this really depends on which guardian you decide to main. Cheap gems to fill the relics will get you buy and eventually you will want to upgrade to higher gems when you build up more gold. I grabbed a few cheap gems and played similar guardians that used ability power. I did pick up a lot of 1k gems, but I am particular about what kind of build I want to run on specific guardians. At rank 18 I have only purchased about 3 different 5k gems. Relics are really want you want to look for and you are rewarded every rank with a new relic.

3. Exactly what you stated here. If you attack from the brush they see you. If the enemy walks into the same bush they see you.

4. I haven't played much of either champion. I know there are a lot of bad Legolas players when I first started, so I stayed away from him. I think other players build him like I build Haldir with the Goblin relic 3 slot and the dragon hoard 4 slot. Fill those with attack speed gems and attack damage with some lifesteal for early lane sustain. Hopefully Legolas players can chime in and help you with some strategies and builds.

Hildifons I mainly focused on ability power and cool down reduction, but I didn't play him much. I am sure there are more tactician players that can help. Maybe swap the blue mountain belt first for level 8. I use that for a few guardians (Gothmog) and it has been working well in my games.

Haldir is pretty beastly once you get the hang of how he works. The relics I mentioned about are what I use on him. The goblin fury relic that gives the attack speed buff as you continue to attack enemies up to 35%. Dragon hoard relic rounds out your attack damage at level 14. I've seen other builds on Haldir with the Strength of Men instead of Goblin Fury, but I like Goblin Fury for harassing, kiting and I think the trade maybe better. I haven't used strength of men relic, so I may pick this up and see if it will improve my games with Haldir. He is a solid pick if you need a striker and if you get a good support champ in the lane with you.

I level his sea of arrows skill first, an early point in his move spd and atk spd buff, then alternate between his ultimate and the teleport stun. Depending on who I am laning with and against, you can initiate with a stun or wait for someone to gank the lane, then follow up with the stun. It is also a great escape ability, so try to have to available as all times. Sea of arrows will root the target for 1 second and deal damage. His ultimate targets one guardian and is a channeling skill (takes a second to wind up) but is a homing shot. Great finisher if they get away from you, but you have to make sure they are in range. Once he starts his aiming animation, it doesn't matter how far they run. I have fired it off at people running away on low hp and still got the kill, but this move does leave you open because of the wind up. His buff is pretty self explanatory. Use it during team fights, pushing towers and ganks. If you have someone that can initiate for you with a stun or root, you want to combo his root and then active the buff to deal out the damage and finish with your ultimate.

5. Not a clue on this.

I hope this helps and have fun on GoME!
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Feel free to add me, I am nice enough but have been known to curse a little more than I should, but I never get angry and will never blame team mates.

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So I can't really help too much with the suggestions as I'm new to this game as well however feel free to add me if you ever want someone to play with. I main the Witch King and Gandalf mainly. GT: BMAN270

Also, I believe the reason some of the characters are designed the way they are is because of two things: One, adding too much detail would cause more things for the xbox to process and therefore could cause more lag. Keeping it a little more simple would help avoid a BIT of lag. The second thing I have noticed is that many of the changes (Wiitch King's head/crown for example) are closer to what the book describes rather then the movies by Peter Jackson. (the witch king is described as having an invisible head, the only thing to see was his two glowing red eyes and his crown up top of his head. It does not make mention of a hood or any sort of concept of both hood and crown together, that was all done by the decisions of Peter Jackson and crew)
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Another question! I was messing around with control settings, and I can't figure out what "Aim Assist" does. I've tried with playing with it on, and then switching it off and playing and I don't notice a difference?

Also, I sent a friend request to those who posted. Thanks!
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MetallicaJKL posted...
Another question! I was messing around with control settings, and I can't figure out what "Aim Assist" does. I've tried with playing with it on, and then switching it off and playing and I don't notice a difference?

Also, I sent a friend request to those who posted. Thanks!

Aim assist if you can see all champions have a circle range for their basic attack right? Well in some cases for archers its a line, the aim assist is basically for use so that when you attack both basic amd skills that it is always on target for the enemies. Snce you can troggle where your attack can go via the second analog aim assist is there to help to i guess assure you to hit a target.
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Hey Hypermoe, I was looking to see what you were talking about, but I wasn't really sure what you were tryin to tell me lol :P I did figure it out what it does though. I was using Haldir, which is good because I imagine the aim assist is most notable with guardians who have range basic attacks. If you're moving the right thumbstick around and you point it close to an enemy, once it gets close enough it will kinda gravitate towards them on its own. I know what you're thinking, duh that's what aim assist does in things like first person shooters and stuff. Well I was looking and just wasn't seeing anything. :P Anyway, I don't know if the assist preferences guardians or what, but I think I'm gonna turn it off just in case, just to give me a little more precision.
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