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User Info: Amareus

4 years ago#1
I really like LotR and this game looks fun, but is it newb friendly? How is the player base at the moment?
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User Info: AnubisGhost

4 years ago#2
watch some videos of this and league of legends on youtube, it'll teach you what to do and not do generally

moba's aren't really noob friendly, every moba has a pretty steep learning curve

but once you get the hang of it, oh man you orgasm in your pants from the fun

User Info: MetallicaJKL

4 years ago#3
This was my very first MOBA. Never even heard the term before this to be honest, and I'm having a blast. I downloaded the free trial, and it gives you a couple of hours to play for free. After the time was up I was still on the fence about it. I hadn't done very well, and was still trying to get the hang of it, but ultimately I think it was my love of Tolkien stuff than won over lol. I'm glad it did though. Although it might be a bit hard to pick up at first, you'll soon find a character that works for you and you'll be off. After you've got the hang of things and ranked up a bit, you'll be ready to start messing with loadouts and will be able to tweak your characters stats to fit your playstyle. I heard a lot of talk on the internet about how rude these "elitest hardcore MOBA guys" were to newbs, but as a newb myself I can honestly say the online community has been great. Just needs more people! I would seriously consider picking it up. If you do, add me and we'll play together! GT: Trav The Mav
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