Is this going to be a legit R&C game?

#11avalanche99xPosted 11/10/2012 11:20:16 PM
I thought TC meant if this was canon lol....
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IcyFlamez96 posted...
OniLink96 posted...
All 4 One was a legit R&C game. If it wasn't, than neither is Deadlocked or Secret Agent Clank.

However, this game will play more similarly to the original trilogy and the Future trilogy, which is what I assume you're asking.

They're not.

Eh, arguing the legitimacy of R&C games isn't an exact science... I think DL, SAC, and A4O are legitimate R&C games, anyhow. They meet my criteria of being made by Insomniac or High Impact Games.

Let's just agree that Going Mobile isn't legit.

avalanche99x posted...
I thought TC meant if this was canon lol....

Well, if that's what he meant then yeah, this game is canon. And so was A4O. There aren't any (confirmed) non-canon story materials in the R&C universe aside from the manga.
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Ratchet: Deadlock is an R game, so it cannot be a legit R&C game. It is a game in which the shooting aspect is emphasized above all else.