Question for anyone who's played the beta (regarding frame-rate)

#1MrElgawargPosted 11/25/2012 5:37:59 PM
I heard that this is going to be running on the same graphics engine as All 4 One. Does the beta run at 30FPS like All 4 One, or will it be 60FPS like the Future trilogy? It's not a deal-breaker for me, but I'm curious. Google searching it didn't help much.
#2Sector-7Posted 11/26/2012 5:25:46 AM
The beta ran at 30FPS with some dips. Hopefully the retail version will run at a consistent framerate.
#3Sector-7Posted 11/28/2012 3:31:46 PM
For anyone curious, the final game seems to have the same performance profile as the beta: 30FPS with some slowdown, at least as far as the MP is concerned. Considering the scope and detail of this game, I'm a little disappointed by the framerate.