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#1iBrake4UrgalsPosted 1/2/2013 8:11:31 PM
Haloo! As far as Cross-Buy, I understand that the free Vita copy would be tied to the PSN account that the Online pass for the game was entered on.

However, since this is a $19.99 mini game, that was going to be Download only, and I think they made physical for the purpose of putting it on Cross-Buy, does it even have an Online Pass? And if it doesn't, are there any restrictions on using the Vita copy on another account? And would you be able to access online features on both of them?

I ask because, I have a PS3, but no Vita (nor do I have plans of buying one soon). However, I have a friend that lives right behind me with a Vita, and I thought I could give it to them, and we could play online together.

Any help with this would be great!
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#2SSJ4CHRISPosted 1/20/2013 8:04:09 AM(edited)
I think most times the content must be on the same user's account. The Vita can't share multiple accounts at once like the PS3, so you probably won't be able to give him the Vita version. You'll just have to save it for if you ever get a Vita, or get him to buy another memory card and let him use your account on it.
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