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What is the cutoff date for the free Deadlocked? (Archived)selfdeztruction96/24/2013
gliding 2.4 miles (Archived)thetruesora66/10/2013
Free copy of Deadlocked HD for those who bought full Frontal Assault: (Archived)
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Just curious, anyone that used to post in the CARL topics still around? (Archived)itsme7315/26/2013
spiked circle thingy (Archived)neonric35/25/2013
May 21st! Vita version finally here! (Archived)Thrillwell85/22/2013
Anyone get their Deadlocked code yet? (Archived)Jiryn45/22/2013
Can I still get Deadlocked free? (Archived)zero_or_die7925/22/2013
deathlock is out today to (Archived)Kronniks25/21/2013
City of Balkai, Snow Storm co-op (Archived)jamday7335/19/2013
discount? (Archived)yunus1115/18/2013
Is there supposed to be any code in the package (Archived)the_ENEMY_35/17/2013
I hate it when my team-mate picks the warmonger over the plasmabomb launcher. :( (Archived)Sucker_Punched25/10/2013
R&C Movie announced. (Archived)random_guy25795/2/2013
anyone around for speed runs? (add me) (Archived)Thrillwell84/18/2013
looking to play co op (Archived)ReiBoF314/9/2013
You know you feel old when the reunion for all your comrads... (Archived)Gastroid23/29/2013
question about the over the top trophy (Archived)thenoobynoober53/26/2013
'Error Occurred', on Disc Benefits. (Archived)Seenan183/26/2013
How do you prove ownership of this title? (Archived)
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