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Does anyone else think this? (Archived)DarknessXSeeker58/28/2012
When do you guys expect a release? (Archived)Sora54228/26/2012
I think its Mr. Fizzwidget (Archived)Sora54288/26/2012
Anyone else a bit unnerved by this? (Archived)
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Disc release at same time PSN version is released? (Archived)kraze99948/18/2012
Giant Clank is BACK!? (Archived)flameforce338/17/2012
Now on Vita (Poll)joeman638/16/2012
Developers saying this game is a very much classic Ratchet (Archived)Ratchet_Fan827/20/2012
Everytime a European buys a disc copy of this, an american fan criws in anger (Archived)ChronoCactaur47/19/2012
I hope there will be something about Angela and Max Apogee *story spoilers* (Archived)reptyle10137/8/2012
So, decent co-op this time? (Archived)IncredibleMeh17/5/2012
will this be like All 4 One? (Archived)Legacy556/23/2012
Will this be as bad as Quest for Booty? (Archived)Time76/17/2012
What i think this game is going to be (story inside) (Archived)austingl96/16/2012
*Looks at the title* ....Wow. Just... wow. (Archived)ChickenBot26/12/2012
Insomniac keeps the innuendo tradition going. (Archived)Thunder_Armor36/7/2012
Lead to the next full fledged game (Archived)ILOVEYOUMANI36/6/2012
europe gets on disc game (Archived)Kronniks26/3/2012
WOW!!!! I really wasn't expecting this. (Archived)
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Yesssssssssssssssss, New Ratchetttttt (Archived)Tron-Burgundy35/30/2012
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