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Crate Hater: Ebaro (Archived)GhostBabyZero312/27/2012
The patch really improved this game. (Archived)Zenzo96612/27/2012
Coop for over the top anyone? (Archived)walkingbones32512/27/2012
Local PvP (Archived)papad02812/27/2012
online questions (activity & info)? (Archived)hyper-jet-space112/27/2012
Looking for some Europe players (Archived)Gannonator112/26/2012
Post your PSN ID here for MP or Coop (Archived)
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Looking for Coop partner (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Over The Top (Solo) (Archived)Felix824712/25/2012
Does anyone have the requirements for the last skill point on each of the stages (Archived)cecilbanon212/25/2012
grummelnet plasma factory (with the tanks) (Archived)MetroidHunter13312/25/2012
just saw this at target on clearance for $9.98... (Archived)jeffb01412/25/2012
I was thinking of buying this game then suddenly... (Archived)ninigoucn612/24/2012
funny game :P anyway what are those 0/7 things in First map of the campaing? (Archived)albelnox112412/23/2012
Any way to reset the campaign storyline, or at least view cutscenes? (Archived)RocketJess212/22/2012
Figured i share my Final Thoughts (Video) (Archived)Aydarkzero312/21/2012
I really enjoyed Up Your Arsenal (Archived)KGTrigger512/21/2012
Next Game To Play In The Series? (Archived)
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What are the spiky looking circles for each map (there are 7 for most maps)? (Archived)poofaloop412/20/2012
Patch coming this week! (Archived)Beanie_devil612/20/2012
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