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How do i beat scaven?!?!?? (Archived)LamiaLues412/2 9:16AM
This game overstays it's welcome. *SPOILERS* (Archived)
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As good as the other linear games like Rondo of Blood? (Archived)
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So I was considering getting the game based off the demo. (Archived)Daverids311/26 7:32PM
Actual Castlevania Lords of Shadow OST releases for purchase, plus an artbook! (Archived)Jonathan_F_G1011/19 11:57AM
Where did Trevor get the Mirror of Fate shard? (Archived)gerontion21011/12 6:40AM
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What do you feel about the game? Worth it? (Archived)
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Who ever heard of a vampire that dies from a 20 foot fall? (Archived)batmanthe511/6 6:25AM
wow anyone else not hating this game? (Archived)
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Why Cox forgotten candles? Not a single whippable candle... Why ?? (Archived)somasworld810/30 1:04PM
My goal is to defeat dracula by Halloween. (Archived)MortimerBrewstr210/27 9:27PM
Coming to PS3 and 360 as part of a Lords of Shadow Collection (Archived)
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Too much jumping and running and no action (Archived)Hastewind310/12 8:50AM
Best Stereoscopic 3D graphics (Archived)elken39/15/2013
Wow, i am stunned by the mediocre-to-negative reception of this game... (Archived)
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How do I counter attack? (Archived)LamiaLues28/30/2013
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Screw the haters, I played this game for 25 hours. (Archived)
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