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Wow, i am stunned by the mediocre-to-negative reception of this game... (Archived)
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How do I counter attack? (Archived)LamiaLues28/30/2013
my only complaint (Archived)AlucardFenix28/22/2013
Screw the haters, I played this game for 25 hours. (Archived)
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I wish they'd make a Curse of Darkness 2.5D sequel. (Archived)DespondentDeity28/12/2013
Game freezes at castle transporters...EVERY time! (Archived)binny4538/9/2013
Bell on the Reaver (Archived)roadtosalvation27/28/2013
I like this game. (Archived)Eddie_567/28/2013
This Game is a Good Tech Demo of What the 3DS is Capable of Graphically (Archived)esoteric4237/25/2013
The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (Archived)warzone21427/25/2013
Digital DL question.... (Archived)Rick3DSFan27/22/2013
The sales are so horrible!!! Only 50.000 worldwide :( :( :( Why ??? (Archived)
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Dont have 3DS, watched on Youtube. Some questions. (spoilers) (Archived)Alcogod37/4/2013
Surprisingly enjoyable. (Archived)AkanubonOrih106/23/2013
False Advertisement I want to sue but wont. (Archived)Scaccia10146/19/2013
*spoilers* confused as hell (Archived)blazikenowen36/15/2013
Has my game glitched (Archived)clubberlang136/14/2013
Kinda sad how this game doesn't hold a candle to Touhouvania (Archived)
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1st Castlevania game you played (Archived)
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Is Trevor's story longer than everyone else's? (Archived)warrenmats76/4/2013
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