To distinguish ourselves as SMT fans, let us...

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Also what does Newmegaten do?

Nothing. It just gives you error messages and occasionally a message that thanks you for playing.

Also, who else picked up P4A? It's hella fun, bros.

I did, and it is indeed hella fun.

Is it worth it to get it before getting P4 the Golden? I never really looked into it, as I never played P4. I just got myself a ps3 to play ToGf and loving it so far. Was well worth it. Been thinking of also getting white knight chronicles and Disgaea 4. Need some more thoughts on other RPGs.

More Action-RPG with optional stealth gameplay, but Deus Ex Human Revolution is a fantastic game and one of the most in depth RPG's I have ever played. Never before has a game tested my character so hard.

Hrm, was looking more for turn based rpgs, as they are my favorite. Might try it. I need some rather tough cajoling to play action rpg series that I have not yet tried.
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I second Deus Ex: Human Revolution. And play the first Deus Ex as well. GOG has the GotY edition for only $10 I believe.

...Suddenly I feel like reinstalling Deus Ex.
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I wanna be a Megaten fan though.
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This thread is BOSS. Dontcha wish we could all hang out and party together?
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If he hasn't been taken yet ill be the pale rider
Resident evil1-3 are better then Resident evil 4-5
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If he hasn't been taken yet ill be the pale rider

Now that I'm at a computer and not my phone, I was able to go through the topic and see that pale rider was already taken. So, I'll go with Awake Jimenez.
Resident evil1-3 are better then Resident evil 4-5