Law, neutral, Chaos

#1LinxredPosted 8/23/2012 3:39:07 PM
Any one familiar with the tree of life in Kabbalah?

The pillar of severance includes the supreme mother darkness(or first mother), a kali like feminine destruction principle (totally like chaos side) and ends with critical thinking/reductionism...

Meanwhile, the pillar of mercy includes the exuding masculine father, the blatantly law like chesed that's a vision of perfect god ruled harmony/construction, and at the bottom emotions that revolve around quantities of love.

The middle pillar is the most true to ummm, whatever the original spiritual intent was, and each one is a reflection of rest of tree representing compromise.
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I've gotta look into this some time. I was more interested in the past.
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They made this whole thing called tarot after it, which is now like, fortune telling or a card game depending on where you go. Weird.

Any way, the Shin Megami folk really pack their games with stuff...lots of Gnosticism, hermeticism, Tao.... love when media blends this stuff in...