Think we'll finally see what some of use have been waiting for?

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SMt1 is actually the closest to a war now that I think about it. Nukes, American military, Great Flood, Cathedral, literally destroying both sides of each army's commanders.

I think we've had our war.
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I just want another game with Satan as an actual character. Lucifer gets crammed into every single game, everywhere, forever. I don't see why Satan can't at least come up and do the equivalent sometimes. Especially after they were set up as opposing equals in II.

Actually, there is a reason...

He's dead. He's been dead since SMT2.

He's been replaced by Metatron and then Mastema but they seem to be dropping like flies.

Wasn't Lucifer also killed? And he continues to play major roles in the series to this day. Also YHVH said that as long as there is someone believing him he will return, perhaps that is valid to other entities, like Satan.

No, Lucifer never was.

YHVH is dead.

The Mothers of Strange Journey tore him apart and threw his body parts all throughout the Schwarzwelt, he's basically 99% dead since he can't recover his body parts.
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