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New to SMT 4... what build do you recommend for me?SSJ-Susanoo109/26 2:07AM
How long does it take on average to get new endings after you get your first 1?Nemesis347109/24 8:46PM
Can someone please remind me.
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
winforlose129/24 10:02AM
Does anyone have a compilation of the fundraise skill dialogue?ASDFGAS_OP29/23 10:57PM
Just Starting, any tips?radarsandi69/23 12:41PM
What does SMTIV Apocalypse check for carrying over content?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Bloodshed113094129/23 10:37AM
Shinjuku West Park - Where is it?PaleVoyager29/22 12:23AM
Help me remember where I am and what to do next!UncleSporky39/21 4:14AM
The final piece of my grind - Tokisada - and a questionRHelgDrez49/19 6:09AM
Does anyone else think the thought of NG+ is absolutely hilarious?ASDFGAS_OP29/18 9:06PM
Erlkonig HP?DonutHobo329/17 11:48AM
Would you have preferred Lawful Neutral and/or Chaotic Neutral Optionsthreedualscreen49/16 5:59PM
Question about required quests for Neutral routeRHelgDrez29/16 5:07AM
What do you guys think Flynn will be like in SMT: Apocalypse? *NO SPOILERS.*bubbascal89/15 10:58AM
Worth playing other routes after neutral?GuardianLegend59/10 8:15PM
How do I get relic points to respawn?Rakansen29/10 10:38AM
What EXACTLY is different on NG+?bubbascal79/10 9:00AM
A good place to grind near endgameShin_Megami_Boy39/6 10:34AM
Your First Ending (Mild Spoilers)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
shanloric139/5 5:50PM
No more cynical men?GuardianLegend29/3 12:47PM
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