which of these 2 SMT should I buy?

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4 years ago#1
So I am playing through Persona 4 golden and I got persona 1-3 on my vita ready to be played. I already finished strange journey loved it.

I am looking to buying nocture or digital devil saga 1+2 .. which one of these 2 is the most rare?
4 years ago#2
I think the DDS game are rarer but I say get Nocturne.
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4 years ago#3
DDS is basically extras on top of Nocturne's battle system (for the most part), so I suggest Nocturne first. Overall, it's more difficult throughout the entire game but DDS's superbosses are more difficult by comparison.
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4 years ago#4
All three titles have gotten very cheap. Check Amazon/EBay.

Under normal circumstances I wouldve preferred DDS due to a larger focus on story/characters but I actually preferred Nocturne. Demon fusing was a big part of the reason and DDS was hurt by the lack of fusion. I think it even made the random battles more tolerable as the random battle rate killed me in DDS but I was fine in Nocturne despite the rates being around the same.

If fusion isn't huge for you, get DDS. I wasn't terribly impressed by DDS's story but YMMV. I think DDS1 has the best OST of all three games too, though all are great. Nocturne has some BAD battle music compression btw...
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4 years ago#5
Neither of them are rare these days (unless you have a thing against reprints for some reason); you can buy each of the games on Amazon for $20 new now.

Each has its own strengths, so... if you prefer X, play Y:
- gameplay: Nocturne
- story and cinematics: Digital Devil saga
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