Which were your favorite games of each series?

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3 years ago#11
it's a toss up between DeSu 1 Overclocked and SJ....... Probably DeSu 1 for the story and SJ I really liked the protagonist.

Nocturne is weird, i like it, but i just don't seem to get into playing it that same way i did with DeSu 1 & 2 and SJ or Persona for that matter. probably because i keep forgetting what the hell i'm supposed to be doing...
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3 years ago#12
Strange Journey
Persona 1 PSP
DemiKids Light Version
Revelations: The Demon Slayer
Devil Survivor 1
And I want to add Soul Hackers. I haven't played it, or any other Devil Summoner game, but it looks the most interesting, and I have my 3DS copy preordered.
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3 years ago#13
1 for SMT
2 for Persona
Souless Army for DeSu
Overclocked for Devil Survivor
1 for DDS

and I ve only played one Demikids (Dark) and one Last Bible (Demon Slayer)
3 years ago#14
SMT: Nocturne (That's actually the only main game I've played, besides SJ...)
Persona 3 (4 wasn't as good. I played IS, and it was good, but I liked 3 the most. Never played 1.)
Devil Survivor 1 (I liked the plot and characters better here than in DeSu 2. The fate conversations were boring for a lot of characters imo.)
3 years ago#15
I have 5 games (1 for SMT, 2 Persona, and 2 DeSu) So won't be very big yet.

SMT- Strange Journey
Persona- Persona 3 Portable
DeSu- DeSu2

I plan to get Soul Hackers when it comes out. IV may surpass Strange Journey as well.
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3 years ago#16
Hrm. I don't know if I can choose between SMTII, Nocturne, and Strange Journey >>; I'll just say SMTII and Nocturne, with SJ taking up the tail-end, but with a massive amount of elegance.
As for Persona, I'll definitely say Persona 3 FES, but that's just because I've only played 3 and 4 thus far and I'm kind of a 4 hater. :/
I ADORED everything about DDS2. Literally everything. It was disgustingly fun on my first playthrough D:
Devil Survivor Overclocked, for sure. The voice acting DOES NOT even bother me anymore, the music is pretty awesome in my humble opinion, and the setting, plot and characters all struck home much more effectively than those of DeSu2 for me.
I've only played RK1 though, so I'ma have to stick with that for DS. ;-;
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3 years ago#17
Nocturne, Raidou Kuzunoha XIV vs King Abaddon, P3P, Demi-Kids Dark Version, Maijin Tensei II, DeSu1, DDS2, Last Bible II.
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3 years ago#18
SMT: 1
Persona: P2 IS
DDS: Both
Demi Kids: Dark
DeSu: 2
Devil Summoner: Raidou, haven't played 2 and the rest of the Devil summoner games are not in the US yet
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3 years ago#19
SMT: Nocturne
Persona: I want to say 1 because I LOVED a lot of the concepts in it... but I had more fun playing 3. Kind of conflicted.
DDS: Both
Never played Demi Kids, probably never will.
DeSu: Overclocked hands down. There's no contest really.
Devil Summoner: Only played King Abbadon.
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