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Where Does Shoji Meguro Rank?

#1suzukimatsuiPosted 6/6/2013 5:01:22 PM(edited)
In the large field of awesome video game composers? Personally I think he is pretty high up there but probably not in the same league as Koji Kondo, Uematsu, Mitsuda, Sugiyama and Joe Hisaishi. I would probably rank Meguro very closely to Michiru Yamane from the Castlevania series as well as Akira Yamaoka. Thoughts and opinions?
#2kratoscar2008Posted 6/6/2013 5:19:28 PM
Great Will tier.

I love his songs the most although i must give props to Akira Yamaoka, his silent hill songs are among the best in atmosphere.
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#3khalahaleyPosted 6/6/2013 5:28:52 PM
Nocturne and DDS's soundtracks are God level, thats all.
#4TheMasterTurtlePosted 6/6/2013 5:45:05 PM
Meguro is my favourite composer, period. I love a lot of video game music and listen largely to music from video games and his stuff is the truly the bomb.
#5overmaxxPosted 6/6/2013 5:45:45 PM
Pretty up there, he is amazing.

DDS1 OST is one of the best of all time, easily would put it with the big boys like Chrono Cross, Silent Hill 2 and Donkey Kong Country 2. I think it's that good.
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#6leadinteaPosted 6/6/2013 6:14:24 PM
Meguro's upper mid for me. He has a pretty impressive track record, but I felt that many of his songs in the same genre felt kinda samey.
#7Ultima_LordPosted 6/6/2013 6:46:22 PM
My favorites are Yuki Kaijura (she hasn't done much of anything outside of Xenosaga 3 for games I believe, but her work in anime is unbelievable), Motoi Sakuraba (for Valkyrie Profile / Star Ocean), and Meguro. Not sure who I'd call my favorite, but Meguro is top 3 for me.

If I were to rank him, I'd place him at mid or high. Meguro doesn't make the best music out there, but when it's good, it's really good; dude has talent.

And I'm no critic, but DDS2 and P3's final boss themes are absolute genius.
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#8DynamicJumpIuffPosted 6/6/2013 6:54:22 PM
He started off good with Nocturne and DDS but his later stuff is same-y and generic.
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#9AngelVanishedPosted 6/6/2013 9:57:12 PM
kratoscar2008 posted...
Great Will tier.

I love his songs the most although i must give props to Akira Yamaoka, his silent hill songs are among the best in atmosphere.

This, but I have to give props to Hitoshi Sakimoto and Masaharu Iwata for FFT's soundtrack, Garry Schyman for Bioshock's soundtrack, the three composers behind Donkey Kong Country, and a few others for soundtracks I love.
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#10hyperknees91Posted 6/6/2013 10:08:38 PM
It's all preference so who knows.

He's a good composer who puts out work that I enjoy, that's all that matters to me. I probably put him slightly above old motoi (mainly because current motoi is just overworked and has put out a bunch of crap lately).
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