How similar is this game to a Persona game? also DLC questions

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I know this gets asked a lot, but out of all the Shin Megami Tensei games, i have only played Persona 3, and 4 and Devil Survior Overclocked, i know the Shin Megami Tensei games arent as anime-ish as the persona games, and that the Shin Megami Tensei name was only slapped on the games for western audiences. i know there isnt any social link elements to it either. just like i want to know about how you ask demons to join your party and stuff because thats not in the Persona games.

also what kind of DLC is out?
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The persona games are more psychological whereas the SMT games are more philosophical.

There's little to no emphasis on characters or their development. The emphasis is on what they stand for as well as the good and evils of society and mankind. Where Persona will downright have characters explain to your face "this is what I used to believe, these are the experiences I went through, and now this is my new mindset," the SMT series requires more personal analysis. Very rarely will the game flat out tell you what it is trying to say.
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ObtuseAngina posted...
. just like i want to know about how you ask demons to join your party and stuff because thats not in the Persona games.

also what kind of DLC is out?

You get demons to join you by negotiating with them. During battle, you can initiate conversations with them where they will ask you some questions and maybe demand items. If you please them, they will join you (also, the conversations are often amusing). Then you can fuse your recruited demons into other demons, like in the other games you´ve played.

Right now the only DLC available is some to help you grind and some good armor for earlygame. Preety soon we will be getting downloadable superbosses, starting with the Four Archangels, and going on to include others.

As a side note, it´s nice to see someone who did their research for once. Kudos to you TC.
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You just talk to them, like that's it, there is nothing more to it. You have to convince them with money or items, but it's a simple but luck based system.

You do not use demons as persona's, but they are actual party members. They have health, MP own stats, and fusing them doesn't mean you lose your progress with them. You can update your book so you can resummon your demon with all its stats and levels. So as long as you update and have money you'll never lose a demon forever.

Human party members, are useless and aren't that developed, it's more about the world than characters themselves.
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I'd compare SMT to Pokemon.

That is the simplest way to describe it. "Convincing" demons to join you is just like throwing a pokeball.
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Talk to demons and pretty much answer what you think they will like, then when the mood is right you must bribe the demons with either HP,MP,Money,items and other things to join your party.

Like in P3&P4 your demon set up is far more important than grinding, having the right skills for whatever deungeon or boss you face.

The game is harder than P3&P4 but like them it still easier once you get a good demon set up.

Gampley is like P3&P4, the difference is that the game punishes for certain things like this:

You have three enemies, one absorb ice and the other two are weak agaisnt it. In P4 if you use mabufudyne you get an extra turn because you hit a weakness, even though one demon absorbed it. Here you lose all your turns because the enemy absorbed the attack even though you hit the other weakness.

This is true for enemies as well.

This game is more about gameplay than characters or story, so the story is good but you dont get that much exposition unlike Persona (Think of P4 dungeon and story segments, SMT 4 is the total opposite) so dont spect that much character or story development.
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Well for starters SMT is much harsher at the start than Persona and the focus is on the story moreso than characters.

Hell, the closest thing in this game to romance is Isabeau crushing on you while Johnathan bears a secret crush for Isabeau. Though as disciplined Samurai it never turns into angst... Though it helps that Isabeau has no idea that Johnathan has a crush on her.

So if you want romance/SL in this game you will be disappointed as there's no SL's and the romance is mainly crushes as MC has too much to worry about in the game events to worry about if he's going to go out with Isabeau or not.
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Of the three it's a lot more similar to Overclocked as far as story and themes goes. The story centers around law, chaos, and neutral. The character do have more personality than other main title characters, but they are just representative of those 3 ideologies. The game isn't as character driven like P3, P4, and even Devil Survivor. The gameplay is a bit similar to P3/P4 except the battles are in first person and there aren't any MC death=game over. If you enjoyed Devil Survivor then there's a good chance you will enjoy this game too.
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the dlc thats currently out is "pay to cheat".
I decided to buy dlc to support atlus, since they pretty much gave us it for free. But i am really disappointed that so far, all this dlc does is unbalance the game for you.
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DarkSideOfBlue posted...
The persona games are more psychological whereas the SMT games are more philosophical.

Such a simple statement, yet I don't think it could've been said better.
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