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3 years ago#11
RailgunnerX posted...
What method did you use for finding him? I keep running until I get next to the 2nd manhole and then loop back slightly to make sure I hit the right spot.

1/100 would have been much more reasonable.

Don't bother looping back, that is a waste of time and costing you retries. Save in the area just before White Rider's area (Central Way B? Something B, anyway). When you run into White Rider's area, just run straight until you pull even with the manhole in the center intersection. Don't bother going further. In fact, that is a little too far, but the spot he appears doesn't have a good landmark so that will do. It's actually kinda near the second street light shadow but you may as well take the few extra steps to the manhole to be sure.

You cannot miss him if you run straight upon entering his area from Central Way B. So don't bother looping back.

Good luck. Matador took me the longest, probably 6-8 hours. Took me just about two full baseball games to get.
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3 years ago#12
Finally got him! ^_^

I made sure to introduce him to my Dark Energy + Charge + Archangel's Law Uriel with Kannuki Throw. Super effective. :p
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3 years ago#13
I spent about 2.5 trying to get Matador to spawn, gave up, and then got him purely by luck while passing through that area a few days later.

I've spent a good 4+ hours collectively trying to get Red Rider to spawn, and no luck yet.

I *really* miss those passive abilities from Raidou Kuzunoha 2 that boost the spawn rate for Fiends right now. :P
3 years ago#14
Yeah, I guess it was pure luck I got the first two early. Next up is Black Rider, who apparently trolls you by hitting your wallet. Jokes on him, I hardly got any Macca on me atm. lol
GT: Cheap Pop Man
3 years ago#15
Update since previous post:
Black Rider: Almost 2 hours
Pale Rider: 2 hours 15 minutes

2 more to go. Chemtrail is next on the chopping block.
GT: Cheap Pop Man
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