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Wasn't a huge fan -- recommend another in the franchise?
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Which Tokyo would you rather live in? (Poll)Solar_Crimson84/18 2:54PM
How frequently are you able to heal in this game?PackAttack9194/17 7:17PM
without spoilers, which path has the most bossesengine9394/17 9:47AM
smt iv neutral guide spoilers help! guide inside mini!?Yukari_Takeba_34/16 11:03AM
Let's discuss art direction for some of the new demons.TBAAAGamer174/16 3:02AM
Rebirth of the Lady quest won't show up...SkiethXInnis34/15 6:24PM
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So, why was smtiv on the 3ds?
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Should the next mainline SMT game be on the 3DS or another platform? (Poll)
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Finally got my first Game Over during my current run through the game.Solar_Crimson44/14 11:41AM
Physical Build VS Wu Konghellomyfriendly54/13 5:35PM
Way stuck, can't figure out where to go next even with a guide (Archived)duality4854/12 8:57PM
So I made a super Lham Dearg for the fun of it (Archived)
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To those who played nocturne and persona q (Archived)engine9364/12 10:35AM
*demon whines when you "Fundraise" on them* (Archived)Solar_Crimson74/11 7:18PM
wanting to keep a lham dearg for maxing out, any way to conserve his mp? (Archived)TBAAAGamer164/11 2:26PM
That feeling when you're studying for a japanese literature class.. (Archived)TBAAAGamer114/11 11:03AM
Started playing Nocturne... I feel smt 4 is better (Archived)
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