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Stats help... (Archived)copaco31/7 8:22PM
Fusion basics help (Archived)Ice Gargoyle31/7 10:53AM
Can I get back from Blasted Tokyo? (spoilers) (Archived)Sturm_the_Dark41/7 8:34AM
Beat the game. Beat all the DLC but Masakado... need to fight fiends too now (Archived)gfaqster71/7 8:33AM
Show off your fusion recipes! (Archived)Rio_Sama11/7 7:42AM
About the EU version... (Archived)serph6331/6 3:01PM
Tokyo is just bad... (Archived)iiaznsk8erii61/5 1:54PM
how do i get masakado to join me?*spoilers* (Archived)columboisdead31/5 9:58AM
So ive been holding out on doing Challenge quests for the neutral end, but.... (Archived)crunchy61261/4 7:46AM
Okay, need some help. I'm close to a turning point in alignment (Archived)crunchy61211/3 11:22PM
Are the fiends and famed demons even worth trying to get?! (Archived)cheatermaster71/2 9:35PM
Fusing Kanseiteikun? (Archived)Firestar0513212/30 2:03PM
1st playthrough and trying for neutral. I'm more Chaos right now tips? SPOILERS (Archived)gfaqster612/30 3:40AM
Is it explained what happened during the split.. (Spoilers) (Archived)LagoonTheCursed512/29 5:33PM
Few questions. (Archived)TheSeviper712/29 10:04AM
Buying Digital (Archived)zkte1312/27 12:48PM
Simple dumb question: Do you walk around? (Archived)Simba Jones312/26 8:56PM
Newb, what's the general flow of this game? (Archived)PrinnyRaider412/26 5:52PM
How do I get Uriel to have both phys pleroma and high phys pleroma? (Archived)cheatermaster612/26 5:44PM
Bought all the story DLC. Are the equipment DLC worth it? (Archived)AwesomeOSauce312/26 5:02PM
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