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Why did they made neutral ending so hard to get? (Archived)cheatermaster812/21 5:24PM
SMT tabletop RPG (Archived)MakotoYuri112/21 8:14AM
Any of the DLC have extra endings? (Archived)EL_TRO212/20 10:30PM
Playing smt 1 on IOS (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Crashdashx2212/20 5:27PM
please help with tokyo part. spoilers (Archived)smokeyacr312/20 4:04AM
Am I locked out of these demons? (Archived)tompound90312/20 2:22AM
I think I only have 1 issue with this game. (Archived)legendrider212/19 4:58PM
max stat a demon can get per level up with app? (Archived)kabutozero412/17 5:10AM
How to get "Retrieve the Tablet" demon talk challenge quest? (Archived)BLUcody212/16 4:10PM
Uriel centered team? (Archived)kabutozero212/16 5:07AM
ancient of days dlc team help (Archived)kabutozero612/15 9:28PM
SMTIV can be voted on in Cubed3's reader GOTY awards (Archived)Crocomire312/15 2:54PM
Action Replay codes possibility (Archived)braverbydefault112/15 5:50AM
Any good plot summary online? (Archived)Aadiboy2212/13 6:59PM
does new game + have alot of new things? (Archived)mursama512/12 8:38PM
newcomers are enjoying SMTIV (Archived)xenosaga123912/12 8:35PM
Promising fan game in the works. (Archived)darkajora212/12 8:08PM
Question about the Masakao dlc, and the dlc armors (Archived)cheatermaster412/12 3:34PM
Coming back to the game after managing to buy DLC (Archived)kabutozero412/11 3:07PM
here's a completionist's review (Archived)silverdrop112/10 4:48AM
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