Who are you maining and why?

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4 years ago#31
squiggy9996999 posted...
at first glance i am hoping to main wonder woman, although i plan on using more than just one.

BUT: that was my plan with MKvDCU and after using her and seeing how slow and "unfun" she was i stopped lol. but that could be said of the entire game, just underwhelming overall.


WW was hella fun and i could dominate with her on that game
4 years ago#32
MrPibbRules posted...
Bane..so I can use TDKR quotes.

I have to admit that this brought a smile to my face.
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4 years ago#33

WW was hella fun and i could dominate with her on that game"

LOL, that's kind of the opposite of what i was saying but it's all good. ;)
4 years ago#34
Definitely Superman. He's my favorite second only to Superboy.
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4 years ago#35
So far, I'm looking at Green Arrow and Nightwing.

I'll check out Green Lantern and Deathstroke as well.
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4 years ago#36
Green Arrow.

I don't mind being "that guy" that people just send hatemail to for spamming / choosing a cheap character (although I'll try to actually learn good combos and such), and as a character, I just love the guy.

But mostly it's dat special. Ground bounce, delayed, good AOE, decent damage, and you can combo into AND off of it. It's just too good.
4 years ago#37
I generally only focus on a singular character (like, obsessively), but I may end up with Harley, Raven or perhaps Catwoman.

If Starfire gets in by some miracle, instamain.
<Starfire for Injustice - Gods Among Us>
4 years ago#38
The least popular/used one.

/hipster glasses
4 years ago#39
Green lantern cause he's my favorite in comics. Also hawk girl, if she's really in, since I love hawkman
4 years ago#40
you must REALLY love hawkman to want to use hawkgirl that badly. :P
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