Injustice Battle Arena is live (Hey it's Bane)

#1ultraroboninjaPosted 2/5/2013 10:28:33 AM
I just saw an ad for it on the side of the message boards here, lol:
#2kyuubi1013Posted 2/5/2013 10:34:16 AM
Doomsday confirmed :43
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#3alhefePosted 2/5/2013 10:40:52 AM(edited)
Yeah i was going to post about Doomsday too.

EDIT: Just won an 'Arrow' DLC skin too for voting, which is...nice.
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#4ultraroboninja(Topic Creator)Posted 2/5/2013 10:40:09 AM
Just voted and won a DLC skin for Green Arrow:
#5chiefofsb78Posted 2/5/2013 10:40:49 AM
ultraroboninja posted...
Just voted and won a DLC skin for Green Arrow:

Me too thx for the link but i dont see a video
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#6TaizukuPosted 2/5/2013 10:42:47 AM
#7ultraroboninja(Topic Creator)Posted 2/5/2013 10:44:33 AM
I didn't even notice quick shot of Joker vs Doomsday, lol. Here's the youtube link if you can't watch it on the site:
#8Bestia_SomniaPosted 2/5/2013 10:45:45 AM
Here's a screenshot of Doomsday...
#9RagirothPosted 2/5/2013 10:48:07 AM
Doomsday sweet!
#10joecorpPosted 2/5/2013 10:59:45 AM
Is it your name and email address you put in for the skin? It wasn't telling me what information I needed to put in.
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