Vote for SHAZAM!!!

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4 years ago#1
In a battle between Flash and Shazma..guys please vote SHAZAM!!!
4 years ago#2
Just because if this I'm going to vote for FLASH!!!
4 years ago#3
4 years ago#4
Voted for Shazam!
4 years ago#5
i agree .. we have seen so much gameplay for flash , so my vote go for shazam.
4 years ago#6
Shazam would totally kick flash's ass
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4 years ago#7
Dark_N11 posted...
i agree .. we have seen so much gameplay for flash , so my vote go for shazam.

You are going to see gameplay whether they win or lose...
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4 years ago#8
+1 Flash Vote
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4 years ago#9
CanibusNotepad posted...
+1 Flash Vote
4 years ago#10
this is one of those impossible fights. magic superman vs impossible speed man. there is absolutely no logical conclusion, pick your favorite uniform.

but to me shazam is like lobo, he just doesn't fit in the DCU's main lineup (and his magic guardianship is completely redundant)

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