Check out this youtube channel.

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User Info: Kyyubiofdark

4 years ago#1
Sorry if this has been said already but guys, there is a uploader on youtube that has channel that goes by the name of "4GamerOnly."

Here is a link

The uploader has tons of injustice gameplay. They are not exactly professionals and does not consist of full fights but it's pretty cool.

I myself was happy with the amount of Nightwing gameplay

User Info: CyborgTwenty

4 years ago#2
hey rick do you like rolls?

User Info: Kyyubiofdark

4 years ago#3
Nahh I wouldn't do that to you guys, just wanted to share. =)

User Info: YoshioKST

4 years ago#4
The stance switch button made it btw.

Allright Nightwing gameplay, and we see Harley's antiair/zoning bomb potential, good stuff.

Wow, seriously, I hope Deathstroke is viable up close too, because that match wasn't up to expectations.
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User Info: hanguknamja

4 years ago#5
nice find.
too bad the sound has been replaced but other than that cool stuf.
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User Info: chaoshadou

4 years ago#6
I truly pray they don't keep that overlay for the movelist.
Awesome series, please support the VN ps3 localization

User Info: act_right

4 years ago#7
Well so far I learned Raven has a teleport and you can interupt a grab with delayed explosives, nice.
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User Info: zuzu304

4 years ago#8
cool thanks for sharing
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User Info: Kyyubiofdark

3 years ago#9
bumping, so others can see this buried topic.
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