Played the demo my god it sucks

#41PeachyK33nPosted 4/2/2013 6:15:51 PM
Blocking is for chumps.
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From: OmegaPillow | #001
No block button? It takes less skill holding back, you have to transition your index to block, then back to face buttons that's skill. Not holding back.

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Looks like it sucks.
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#44Dersu_UzalaPosted 4/2/2013 6:49:44 PM
Button-press instant supers are almost as bad an idea as stage hazards. At least the latter can be turned off.
#45Louis_KooPosted 4/2/2013 6:51:15 PM
The demo doesn't suck but the game seems very mediocre
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Joke Topic?
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PeachyK33n posted...
Blocking is for chumps.

This is why most capcom games are utter failures , why take this approach? Now I can't do my turtle tactic , my only tatical strategy to set up combos
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#48Dersu_UzalaPosted 4/2/2013 7:59:50 PM
Samurai Shodown III and IV had an "expert" mode that disabled blocking but gave you infinite rage mode. It sucked.