Is flash much faster than superman?

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Yes he is. There's even a mission in STAR Labs where they race each other.
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Depends On what Incarnations.

Ultimately Superman If we are counting everyone of them.

Not claiming to know much about flash but Unless he became Omnipotent at some point....

In this game however yes.
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Yes, there have been topics about it before. I can't provide scans right now but will later if you can't find the topic.
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Flash is much faster than everyone
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Based on 'normal' showings, yes, Flash is faster than Superman.
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even...Superman Prime One Million?
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There are scans in the postings
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Purification posted...
even...Superman Prime One Million?

Superman Prime One Mil Was nigh Omnipotent and could Literally be In any place He wanted In an Instant.

Those and possibly a few of the other Extremely powerful superman ( I recall there being One who could Distort reality From the shockwaves his speed would create ) Would spank Lil flashy.
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Flash is way faster than Superman. Its not even close