Be honest - Batgirl is tolerable.. but c'mon Zod and Scorpion are unbearable!

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People say that Zod has Supermanīs powers so itīs a copy, but no one complained when they say that Black Adam was in. I mean, probably, Zod will be play very different than Superman.
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yeah and they probably only have to tack arm blades onto his wrists to make him unique just they did with batgirl.
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Zod doesn't really use his powers (besides strength and flight) he is technically a much better fighter than Superman.
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IsabelArcher posted...
I agree with op...
Sad thing is i'll buy them anyway because i can't stand to not have all the characters in a fighting game.

I don't get people like you.

I don't like it but im gonna buy it anyway even though i clearly don't like it and will never use it. I'll just buy it so i have it.

It's like going to a clothes store saying your hate all the v necks then buying a v neck just to hang on your wall and complain about how much you hate it.
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I'm starting to see why Scorpion needs to be in the game.
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I thought Zod was pretty much just Regime Superman.

I would have really preferred Power Girl if we were to get another Superman character, although Braniac, Parasite, or Livewire could have been some pretty sweet additions too. I'm really curious how Boon felt when he did that one twitter poll though. He pit Batgirl up against Supergirl and Power Girl and Power Girl won in a landslide. I'm sure before that poll was made, they had already decided what the DLC characters would be, but I bet seeing those results couldn't have been a very reassuring experience for Boon.

Still, I plan on enjoying Batgirl regardless. I just hope that Zod and Scorpion turn out to be red herrings and the last two DLC spots are for different characters. Preferably with one of them being Martian Manhunter.
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shadowmario8 posted...
I'm starting to see why Scorpion needs to be in the game.

along with baraka, sheeva and hsu hao!
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lol are you serious? out of all 4 of the dlc characters if it is indeed true, batgirl is the worst by far, zod and scorpion will be epic.
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Veladus posted...
You will kneel before Zod. He will rule the planet Houston.